Reward Measures for Publishing Scientific and Technological Papers of Tsingke Biology in 2022

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Update time : 2022-06-09 12:43:51

Reward Measures for Publishing Scientific and Technological Papers of Tsingke Biology in 2022


In order to thank our customers for their support and trust in Tsingke biology and promote the vigorous development of life science research , our company has decided to reward scientific researchers who use Tsingke biological products or services and publish high-level academic articles, and welcome the participation of scientific researchers!

1.Domestic and foreign researchers who use some products and services of Tsingke Biotechnology (see the attached table for details), publish articles in international journals (articles within one year as of the sending date)and indicate the name of the product and service and their Affiliated Beijing Tsingke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are entitled to apply for awards.


2. Distribute gifts according to our products and the impact factors of the corresponding publications (subject to the data published at the latest time from the application date). Non SCI papers and IF≤ 3 will not be rewarded.


2.1 when publishing scientific papers * 3 < IF ≤ 10 points, you can get gifts worth 300 yuan; If 10 < IF ≤ 15, you can get a gift worth 500 yuan; More than 15 points can get value IF × 100 yuan gift reward, up to 5000 yuan; For papers published in 《Nature》, Science and Cell》, each article will be rewarded with a gift worth 5000 yuan.


*The article cites the specific requirements of products and services as shown in the figure below. The trial installation of products is not within the scope of reward.


2.2 if the same author publishes several papers and use the same product, only a single maximum reward will be given, and no repeated reward will be given.


3. The reward object of these measures is the author team of articles included in SCI, and the reward shall be applied by the first author or corresponding author (only one person can apply).


4. Send the application form and the electronic version of the paper (attachment) to the email: [email protected] , indicate the application for award for publishing scientific papers in the subject of the email.

5. The company can use the reward articles for the company's product promotion and brand promotion.

6.  After being approved by the company, we will contact the applicant as soon as possible to determine the distribution method and address of gifts.

7. If you have any questions, please contact the Tsingke Marketing Department at 400-668-3730.



















Molecular Reagents

Nucleic acid extraction/purification/preservation series

HiPure Plasmid EF Maxi Kit
Endotoxic Remove Plasmid Extration Kit(TSP513)

All products of DNA Extraction Kit

All products of RNA extraction reagents or kit

Trelief® Solution Nucleic acid cleaning solution(TSP001)

Reverse transcription series

All porducts

Quantitative series

All porducts

Nucleic acid electrophoresis series

TS-GelRed Nucleic Acid Gel Stain(10,000×in Water)
TS-GelRed Nucleic acid gel materials(10,000× )(TSJ002)

TS-GelRed Nucleic Acid Gel Stain(10,000×in Water) Ver.2
TS-GelRed Nucleic acid gel materials Ver.2(10,000× )(TSJ003)

PCR series

Direct amplification series

1-5TM 2×High-Fidelity Master Mix(TP001)

2×T8 High-Fidelity Master Mix(TSE111)

GoldenStar®T6 Supper PCR Mix(1.1×)
gold medal Mix(Green)(TSE101)

GoldenStar® T6 Supper PCR Mix Ver.2 (1.1×)
gold medal Mix Ver.2(Green)(TSE102)

2×T5 Supper PCR Mix(Colony)(TSE005)

2×T5 Supper PCR Mix(PAGE)(TSE006)

2×T5 Supper PCR Mix(Basic)(TSE008)

1.1×T3 Super PCR Mix(TSE030)

Cloning series

All porducts

Competence series

Trelief® 5α Chemically Competent Cell(TSC-C01)

Protein series

Trelief® Prestained Protein Ladder(TSP021)

Prefabricated gel all products

Technical service

Primer synthesis

 If the IF of the paper>20,you can participate in the reward


 If the IF of the paper>20,you can participate in the reward

Gene synthesis

All porducts

General project services

All porducts

Gene regulation services

All porducts

High throughput project services

All porducts

The application form can be downloaded from the resource center - Common Materials on the official website

Note: for details of products and services, please refer to Tsingke biological product catalogue

Beijing Tsingke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. reserves the right of interpretation

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