News | Zixi Biology Obtained the Certificate of High-tech Enterprise

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Update time : 2022-06-09 12:53:15
News | Zixi Biology Obtained the Certificate of High-tech Enterprise

Recently, Beijing Zixi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. received the recognition certificate of "high-tech enterprise" jointly issued by Beijing Municipal science & technology Commission 、Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau、Beijing Municipal Tax Service,State Taxation Administration. The company's R & D and innovation ability has been affirmed and recognized by relevant national departments again, laying a solid foundation for the enterprise to enhance its core competitiveness and realize new development.

Zixi biology is subordinate to Tsingke biology. Based on the experienced synthesis team of the headquarters, perfect synthesis process and quality management system, Zixi biology has arranged two production factories of high-quality modified primers / probes, located in Beijing and Suzhou respectively. As one of the world's major suppliers of primer probe synthesis products, it provides products and services for many colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, hospitals, laboratories, medical diagnosis, biology and pharmaceutical companies. Its products cover more than 900 SKUs, including GMP level modified primer probe synthesis, RNA synthesis and ordinary DNA synthesis services.
Zixi biological has a 100000 level clean production workshop that meets the diagnostic standards of biomedicine. It adopts international advanced synthesis technology, high-quality synthetic reagents, advanced automatic production equipment and strict ISO13485 quality control system to provide high-standard and high-quality core raw materials for molecular detection kits, NGS detection kits, small nucleic acid drug enterprises, etc.
High tech enterprises are an important foundation for the country to develop high-tech industries. They have very strict requirements on the finance, R & D, personnel, innovation ability and intellectual property rights of the certified company. Previously, Tsingke biology has obtained many honorary qualifications, such as high-tech enterprises, Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, Beijing Intellectual Property demonstration unit, specialize and special new small and medium-sized enterprises, postdoctoral scientific research workstation and so on. The certification of Zixi biology reflects the further strengthening of the enterprise's technological innovation ability and the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements. In the future, Tsingke biology will continue to increase investment in scientific research , enrich the company's innovative development potential, and contribute more innovative to the high-quality development of synthetic biology .
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