Hebei DNA CHEM Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. , a Leading Supplier of Synthetic Raw Materials

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Hebei DNA CHEM Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. , a Leading Supplier of Synthetic Raw Materials

DNA CHEM is a subsidiary of Tsingke biology and one of the main suppliers of DNA synthesis reagents and DNA synthesis instruments in China.The company covers an area of 34668.4
square metres, with a building area of 3000 square meters. It has passed the ISO9001 management system certification , about 100 million base are synthesized every year,which can provide customers with excellent service and competitive price.

After more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of synthetic raw materials, DNA CHEM focuses on nucleic acid chemistry. It has independently developed a series of products, such as DNA synthesis reagents, synthetic phosphoramidite, modified phosphoramidite and CPG,molecular sieve, synthesis columns, etc. it has the advantage of integration from primer synthesis raw materials, DNA synthesis instrument manufacturing to the new process of primer synthesis and purification. High standard nucleic acid synthesis products not only meet the needs of users in genomics research, disease detection, drug development and other applications, but also can be widely used in DNA/RNA synthesis in laboratory and mass production scale.





DNA CHEM synthetic reagent:

With its advanced R & D capabilities, DNA CHEM has developed a series of DNAchem solvents and reagents. After special purification process, this product series meet strict technical indicators and ensure excellent synthesis efficiency. It is an ideal choice for oligonucleotide synthesis. All solvents and reagents are strictly filtered to minimize solid particle pollution.

The DNAchem product series includes deprotection agents, activators, capping agents, oxidants and acetonitrile with very low water content in various formulations. DNAchem solvent reagent has a variety of packaging specifications (from 100 ml glass bottle to 200 L large packaging container). The package is specially designed to facilitate direct connection with various common synthesizers.


Our advantages:

Ø Strong independent research and development and innovation ability

Independent research and development of CPG (controllable aperture glass beads) to break the monopoly of the industry;

Undertake the national key research and development projects.

Ø Strong production capacity, high productivity and good quality

Independent production of over 200 kinds of nucleic acid synthesis raw materials and consumables;

The annual output of synthetic raw materials is 200 tons.

Ø Have export qualification

Products have been exported to the United States, South Korea, Thailand and other countries and regions.


Contact us for more information: +86 0317-7581236


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